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A Working Mom with a Career of Public Service

Sarah, the daughter of a public-school teacher and a state employee, was raised in Wake County, attending East Wake Middle and East Wake High School.  Early on, Sarah learned the value of hard work and the importance of a quality education.

Sarah worked her way through college, obtaining her Bachelor of Arts from North Carolina State University. She has dedicated her career to serving the people of Wake County through her work in the State Senate and State House, and nonprofits, working with organizations in higher education and health and human services. Sarah serves as Chief Executive Officer of TLC (Tammy Lynn Center for Developmental Disabilities) in Wake County. Prior to that she served as National Director at Single Stop, helping families work towards the American Dream by connecting them to existing resources that help put them on a path to economic stability and prosperity. 

Sarah has been active in our local community serving on the Ministry Leadership Team at her church, the Board of Advisors for the NCSU School of Public and International Affairs, and is a former board member of a nonprofit that serves victims of domestic violence. 

Sarah and her husband Dan live in Raleigh where they raise their two daughters, Emily and Abby, and four dogs.

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